is proud to announce the opening of a new service for our clients called ARC-Tech Accelerated Depreciation. This new company produces fully-engineered Cost Segregation Studies for businesses. These highly detailed Studies provide Owners of Car Washes, Quick Lubes, Convenient Stores, and other Businesses to legally save substantial money on their Federal Income Taxes. This will immediately generate significant new positive Cash Flow for businesses, and put money back into an owner’s wallet.

This legal IRS-approved method allows Owners of Commercial Properties to legally accelerate depreciation on their new and existing Buildings and Facilities, resulting in significant reductions to the property Owner’s Taxable Income levels. The resulting Studies are an excellent Tax planning tool to determine exactly how quickly an Owner should be depreciating their property.

For more information of exactly how much your Company can benefit from this outstanding new service, please visit ARC-Tech Accelerated Depreciation’s website at, or call them at (888) 524-1121.