In early January 2012, up-scale “Fast Eddy’s Convenience Stores” opened their first gigantic “super-flex” car wash/quick lube and convenience store/gas station location in the city of Meridian, a major suburb of Boise, Idaho. Designed by, this outstanding state-of-the-art car care facility is located on a large 4 acre corner parcel of a major intersection in the city next to a major high school and the primary interstate highway through the region. Poised to dominate the local market, this facility delivers a level of quality and service unmatched in the Boise area.

The facility’s main features include an eye-catching drive-thru greeting building with triple POS pay-gates (by DRB), massive 16,010 sq. ft. car wash/quick lube building with 134 ft. conveyor and all electric MacNeil wash equipment, 16 car capability inside via a drive-thru after-care garage, Broadway automatic waxing machine, 3 quick-lube oil change bays with Devon equipment able to handle the largest RV’s on the road, and two very luxurious customer lobbies with huge windows to view all of the action. Located behind the building are a total of 22 free vacuums utilizing Vacutech vacuum units and their unique curved metal frames and canopies. Across from the main building is a huge up-scale 5,600 sq. ft. convenience store/gas station with a drive-thru restaurant and 16 gas pumps.

Unquestionably the finest and largest car wash/quick lubes in the northwestern US or anywhere else in the world; this outstanding new facility sets the standard for excellence in car care. Not satisfied with just one, Fast Eddy’s has plans to build another 4 of these massive facilities in the near future throughout the Boise metropolitan area. The second will start construction in May 2012. Photos of the first facility are posted on our website. Fast Eddy’s also is building a number of stand-alone convenience stores/gas stations with roll-over and self-serve car washes in other locations in the Boise area.