Car Washes are undeniably a great business to open…. Great money, relatively easy to operate, and a steady, long-term return on your investment. That’s why so many people new to the industry want to open one, and experienced operators want to open another location. So after locating a great property, checking the traffic count and demographics, and getting your financing in order, you are ready to go for it. Should be easy, right? Okay, so where do you start? What’s the next step? How do you do it? Is there a process to follow?

Well there certainly is a right way to do it. But after an exhaustive search, we couldn’t find it written down anywhere. So to remedy this, our architectural firm went ahead and created one, both as a guide for our office staff and for our clients to follow. This easy to understand guide shown below is a synopsis of the stepby-step process we utilize everyday to develop new car washes projects. Broken down into 7 Steps, it describes the entire conceptual, design, engineering, construction, and start-up process in simple layman’s terms in a short and concise format. While not totally encompassing in scope, it should provide a good framework to follow.

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